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Comprehensive and modern

Comprehensive and modern


Reading as a habit has been on wane in recent years. At Labour India, we understand the importance of reading and try to cultivate a habit of reading in the children at a young age. The school library has thousands of volumes of books spanning diverse domains of knowledge. The Labour India Gurukulam’s library program supports the educational goals of the School, and encourages the love of reading and learning. The members of the school community come to browse, read, study, and explore.

Smart Class

Smart Class Program is a world-class comprehensive technology enabled teaching solution with world-class teaching resources to teachers such as Animation Clips, Videos, Pictures etc. drawn from the vast digital repository from across the world. Teachers then use these resources right inside the Classrooms using a display device and a networked computer to teach their specific subjects and topics.

Science Laboratories

The school has well-equipped Science Laboratories where students can explore science with the aid of teachers and lab assistants. The Bio- Technology lab is a window to the modern world of science and children get some first hand information about the latest gadgets and technology.

Computer Lab

The Computer lab facilitates their quests in the virtual world. Here, the future programmers, designers and animators get their first lessons.

High Speed Internet

The world meets, shares and opines on the internet. The vast virtual community is integrated into the school with High Speed Broadband Internet Connection. Children are allowed to surf for specified hours.

Language Lab

The need for oral communication skills in modern life is well understood. The Language Lab assists children to fine tune their linguistic skills.

Sports Facilities

The extensive sports facilities provided at labour India are one of the best in the region. The school has two Athletic Tracks of 400m & 200m. The well – maintained Football ( Soccer) Ground and Cricket Ground host many events through the year. The Volleyball and Basketball Courts at the school have produced many champions.


Unlike most modern hostels, Gurukulam is more about a loving and protective environment where guidance is always at hand. The Chairman, George Kulangara takes special interest in the children at the Gurukulam hostel. The school provides separate accommodation facilities for Boys and Girls. Children from various parts of the country live here. This provides the students the advantage of a cross cultural exposure which goes a long way in widening their thinking.

Sports Hostel

The presence of high end sports facilities prompted Labour India to open a sports hostel where the future champions can stay and train in convenient environment. The Labour India Gurukulam Public School athletes have always brought laurels at the CBSE National schools athletics championship. The school gave importance to sports when it wasn't given much importance in the CBSE schools of kerala. They lifted the championship trophy for 12 consecutive years. As a result, the school sports hostel was given a upgrade in 2010 to Kerala State Sports Council's sports hostel.  It has coaches designated by Sports Authority of India.