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Gurukulam Girls Hostel

Warmth and guidance at hand

Warmth and guidance at hand

The girl’s hostel too has a capacity of 500pax. Young children (both boys and girls) upto Class 7 are kept in the girl’s hostel.   It more likes family with elder band younger brothers and sisters and the parental warmth and guidance in the form of the Chairman. Good study habits are developed which are increasingly important as the child grows older and takes responsibility for his own learning. Learning opportunities are created to meet the needs of the learner and adopted according to the levels of maturity.

It has a fine canteen and facilities of reading room, TV room etc. The hosteliers can make use of the fitness centre to keep fit. The resident teachers provide guidance and counselling to students in various activities.

The hostel has Dorm and cubicle facilities. The cubicle facilities are meant only for senior students (classes XI-XII).