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Feeling at home always

Feeling at home always

Gurukulam is a unique concept of hostel based on the ancient concept of “Gurukulam”. Here, like the ancient hermitages , the children live and study with their Gurus. Gurukulamhas  separate  facilities for boys and girls. Senior students reside in cubicle while other student live in a dormitory. The hostel consists of facilities like a fine canteen, reading room, TV and entertainment room, morning yoga, evening sports time, laundry service etc. We take care of the nutritional and health needs of the students.

The day begins in earnest at Gurukulam with morning prayer and assembly. After a healthy breakfast all boarders are expected to attend the assembly. The children then set off to school  where they attend the common assembly. The assembly has readings from three holy books - the Gita, the Bible and the Quran. The day’s news is read daily followed by sharing of ‘Thought for the Day’. Often experts speak at the assembly about different spheres of life. After a day at school the children return to the hostel. After refreshments, the children can play, utilise gym, read or do any other activity of their choice. The children then spend about an hour or two for studies. The evening prayers are equally important creating a sense of God in children. After dinner, children are allowed some time for recreation before turning in for the night.

The food menu is planned as per the advice of a qualified dietician. We offer separate vegetarian food regime for the veggies. The calm, serene and warm atmosphere in Gurukulam is really soothening for boys and girls.It is more like family with elder and younger brothers and sisters and the parental warmth and guidance in the form of the Chairman.