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Fine balance of mastery of concepts and productive learning

Today, some of the major ills that affect contemporary education is the lack of vision. Over the years, the same style of teaching has been followed that is bound by a curriculum and plagued by the absence of diligence in teachers. The system is there for unable to provide holistic education for one and all. Our founder and chief mentor has given onus to an education that rises above this and weaves a fine balance of mastery of concepts and productive learning.

Labour India Gurukulam Public School, breathes a welcome change into the contemporary education system with a more effective and interactive way of teaching and learning that is fun, creative and at the same time encourages the child to think and imagine beyond the normal. These experiences go a long way and augment the way students think and behave and in course improve the quality of education.

Mr George Kulangara’s involvement in the educational field can be traced back to almost 5 decades with the inception of a private college in Marangattupilly. In 1983, he started the now famous Labour India Publications which helped students to gain more knowledge and excel in their studies. Over 30 lakh students have benefitted from its several publications.An illustrious educationist and an ambitious entrepreneur, Mr.V.J.GeorgeKulangara brings his intense passion and expertise to the institution and has been largely responsible for the conception and growth of the Institute. In 2002, he was the recipient of the prestigious Educator of the year award from the former Delhi CM Mrs. Sheila Dixit. The recipient of numerous awards for significant contribution in the field of education and social service, Mr. V.J. George devotes his time and resources to the betterment of society as a whole.       

As a visionary and an educationalist he understood the drawbacks of the contemporary education system through his observations and researches which he carried with great passion. It culminated into the “Labour India Gurukulam Knowledge City” of today. The knowledge city is envisioned to have all types of education at different levels right from playschool to post graduation