Gurukulam Ambience

Knowledge without frontiers


Experience unlimited Nature, freedom, happiness, creativity, sports and more at the verdant green campus. Like the ancient Gurukulam, the Labour India Gurukulam Public School is set in the lap of Mother Nature. Located in the hills near Pala spanning 25 acres of greenery, the international boarding school has a cool, soothing green environment which proves to be most conducive for inspired learning.

The boarding school has a cross cultural identity. Children from different states study here together. This provides a student a very valuable exposure to the culture and values of other parts of the world at the residential school.  It helps to see beyond the limits of their upbringing.

The quality of education at the international school is bettered with value additions in the form of thought provoking workshops and symposiums. While some of them are didactic in structure, other are activity oriented. The children learn by listening, observing, problem solving, team work, and real life experiences. The boarding school offers plenty of opportunities for the student to directly experience education at the international level.