Sri. George Kulangara


Mr. Santhosh George Kulangara
Vice Chairman


Prof. S Sivadas
Dr. George Joseph
Working Chairman
Mr. Rajesh George Kulangara
Managing Director
Smt. Suja K George
Prof. Laly George
Dr. Sajimon Thomas
Dr. George Mathew
Academic Director
Dr. Joy Jacob
Principal, Labour India College
Smt. Leena George
Principal, Labour India College of Teacher Education
Smt. Sujith John
Vice Principal

A few of the renowned personalities who adorn the team in Labour India are:

  • President Prof. S.Sivadas, a well-known writer of children’s literature and winner of  several National and State Awards for his services
  • Mr. M.J.Baby, a veteran teacher and eminent educationist
  • Dr. M.S.T.Namboothiri, Professor and Head of the Department of Computer Science, Texas University
  • Dr. M.Leelavathy, a prominent literary figure and winner of numerous National and State literary prizes including the Kendra Sahitya Academy Award
  • Dr. C.G.R.Nair, renowned Physicist and prominent writer of science literature
  • Dr. V.S.Venkatavaradan, eminent Physicist and former Director of the Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai
  • Dr. A.P.Jayaraman, renowned Atomic Scientist and former Director, Media Relations, BARC, Mumbai
  • Prof. M.K.Prasad, world famous Environmental Scientist and Columnist
  • Dr. M.M.Basheer, well know writer and critic
  • Prof. M.Sivasankaran, well know academician and science literary figure