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Spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical growth

 With a strong urge to change the education system and to lend the younger generations an enriching education experience, the visionary Shri George Kulangara undertook an intensive research and found the answer in the “Gurukulam System”, an unparalleled ancient education system of India that was valued for its unique approach throughout the world.

GU means ‘darkness’

RU means ‘to destroy’


or ‘to dissolve’

One who is capable of ‘dispelling the darkness’ of ignorance and lifting the veil of maya (illusion), so that the student may perceive the Divine Reality. The Guru is more than merely a teacher; he is a parent, a guide and role model for all the students.


Literally means the ‘family’. It indicates the close relationship that existed between the teacher and students

The ancient Gurukula System of Education was dedicated to the highest ideals of ‘all¬round human development’, namely, physical (practical), mental (intellectual) and spiritual (religious), leading to God-realization (Brahmasakshatkara). The system was based on the principle, "Experience (anubhava) is the best teacher.” At the end of their training, the students thus emerged as responsible individuals who are well learned in the Vedas and capable of facing the toughest challenges of life.

George Kulangara’s strong belief is that education is the birth right of every child and every child is born with immense potentialities. Here, he identifies the talent inherent to every child and helps them in nurturing that talent. The fundamental pillars of this education system are spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical. There are ample success stories to demonstrate it. His students are the living examples of the transformation they had here.