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Kindergarten - 3.5yrs -5.5yrs

Building blocks for a bright future

Lower K.G. and Upper K.G Classes are mainly play-oriented with fewer burdens on the children. Warm home-like food provided to them at noon every day. They are free from homework so that day - students get their quality time at home with family. More emphasis is given to spoken English, reading work and the fundamentals of arithmetic.

  • Development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through dedicated skills rooms
  • Hands-on learning for children through songs, games and activities
  • Entertaining and involving activities to hone reading and pre-reading skills of children
  • Brushing creative skills through dedicated duration for creative arts
  • Field trips to widen horizons
  • Improving vocabulary, language and listening skills with fun music and movement periods
  • Analytical skills base with the help of exploration, manipulation and active investigation