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PreSchool 2.5-3.5 yrs

First Out of home experience

The fun place for tiny tots where they learn the basic skills, the Labour India preschool prepares the young ones for the mainstream education. We have trained teachers who are adept in bringing out the best in your child. The colourful ambience and fun environment is most favourable environment for children to enjoy their first ‘out-of-home’ experience.

Children like to explore the goal of independence on their own initiative. Here, at our kindergarten, we offer a diverse set of Montessori material beautifully organized in a classroom setup will entice the child to touch and explore. The classroom functions as a second home for these students. The kindness and loving environment provided by the teachers help children become comfortable outside the family unit. Classroom activities focus on the development of the child's motor, language and social skills, as well as pre-reading and pre-math concepts.