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100% in CBSE 10th & 12th Exams

100% in CBSE 10th & 12th Exams

Success, the word is magical but difficult to achieve. But Labour Indian has done it again this year. The school wrote home a 100% result when its students emerged with flying colours in the 10th and 12th board examinations conducted by CBSE.

Schools often go through ruthless sieving procedures to allow only the best minds to take the important board exams of 10th ( AISSE)and 12th (AISSCE). We, at Labour India never discourage a child.  Our school has always believed in the latent abilities in each child. We create an environment that brings out the best in him/her.

To this end, the school follows a seven pronged system.

  • Calm and serene green environment

It is perfect for imbibing knowledge and values that last a lifetime. The environment is soothing and calms the mind and help concentrate on learning. The greenery around with the soft sounds of Nature gives it the feel of a hermitage like the ancient times when Gurukulams existed. “Shishyas’ then used to live with their ‘Gurus’ in the hermitage gaining knowledge through the years of stay.

  • Academic Excellence

The primary focus is on academics. However, Labour India Gurukulam  Public School is different from others in the sense that it never conducts admission tests at any level. It accepts children as they are and work unceasingly in a planned manner to elicit the best out of them.

  • Co curricular activities & Avant Garde sports  facilities

Co curricular activities are planned and conducted throughout the year to bring out the hidden talents in the children. It also helps them to overcome their fear and inhibition to talk or perform before others. It aids in bettering their communication skills and ability to work as part of a team.       

  • Assistance for weaker students

We know that not all students can cope the same way with studies. Some need more attention and time. We have a nodal cell created for the betterment of such students. Here, they are given special attention and coaching to be at par with others in time for major examinations. 

  • Wide ranging student profile from different countries

The school takes pride in the fact that the school has students from a wide geographical area. They come from different social, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. This gives the school the advantage of secular backdrop. It also helps to broaden the views and vision of all students as they assimilate the diverse cultures.      

  • Digital classrooms and other modern aids

Modern aids are used to provide better learning methods to the students. Digital classrooms are one such method where the kids can view audio visual aids trying to make the relevant lesson simpler or add more information to the subject matter.      

  • Coaching for professional exams

The bane of contemporary education is the difficulty to get into good professional institutions. We provide coaching for Engineering and Medical entrance through the popular coaching institution – Brilliant Study Centre, Pala.

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    Labour India Gurukulam Public School is a residential school in Kerala that stands apart from others. Here the impetus has never been just on academics. The boarding school emphasizes all round development of the child. The institution has been ever committed to instilling in the students the ability to empathize and sympathize with those who face bitter experiences in life or are incapacitated by birth or by an accident.

  • Super Brain Academy

    Labour India Gurukulam Public School, one of the premier boarding schools in Kerala, has added one more milestone to the comprehensive education system it provides to students. The school affiliated to CBSE board has started an Integrated Entrance Coaching programme called the Super Brain Academy.This aims to set new benchmarks in IIT-JEE/NEET coaching to the students who wish to pursue a career in engineering or medicine. The competition is getting tougher and the degree matters only if it is secured from a college of repute. Each year, we see that the premier institutes in both streams attract the best students, who in due course get attractive packages. The aim therefore is to get into the premier institutes.

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    Global warming...Greenhouse effect… Climate change… Of late, we have been hearing more of these words and we have been experiencing it too. The weather patterns have changed. Now, we hear more of cloudbursts and other forms of violent Nature. Why has it changed? The reason is pollution and indiscriminate use of fossil fuels and gadgets that increase the carbon footprint.

  • Art Lab at one of the best boarding schools in Kerala

    Modern methods of education are often directed towards brings the best academic results. In the highly competition oriented Indian education, school managements and faculty frequently overlook the importance of arts and creative abilities in life. It is considered too secondary and may be allotted only a few hours in an academic year.