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Education is the birthright of every child. A child is born with immense potentialities.

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Sri. K. A. Rosakutty is the principal of Labour India College of Teacher Education right from its birth. She is a veteran teacher-educator with an experience of more than 35 years in the field. After the formal retirement from St. Thomas Training College, Pala. A prestigious aided teacher Education College as principal, she has continued her service as principal in some of the new self-financing College of teacher education affiliated to different universities in the state. During tenure of her service, she has also served the Universities as member of the various governing bodies like Board of the Mahatma Gandhi University.
Our principal has also service in the field of teacher-education outside the state. She was chosen as the pioneer principal of a new College of Teacher Education Viz: the third one in the state of Nagaland. There she was nominated as the member of the Board of Studies of Education of the Central University of Nagaland. Government of Nagaland nominated her by the Government of Nagaland to serve in the special committee formed for the improvement of school Education in the state. We do believe that the quality of our Labour India system of school education will definitely improve through the teachers who has formed and shaped by her hands of long of experience and expertise.

The Labour India college of teacher education Faculty have been trained to act as facilitators to help students develop responsibility, self confidence, self discipline and a commitment to themselves, their family and to their community. 

The faculty works in close interaction with students giving each our personal attention. Because we believe that each child is unique with exclusive skill sets and potentials. And we help our students harness their inherent abilities to let them shine in their areas of expertise.

  • Members of the staff:
    To start with, we have been really fortunate in having a team of well-qualifie, conscientious and devoted young teachers as per the NCTE ratio. They are

                  B.Ed Teaching Staff:
    1. Sr. & Dr. K. A. Rosakutty

      (M.Sc., M.Ed., Phd.) - Principal

    2. Dr. George Joseph

      (M.Sc., M.Ed., Phd.) – 15 years Teaching experience

    3. 3. Mr. Manuel Joseph

      (M.A., M.Ed., R.I.E. Trained in 'A' Grade and Second Rank) -  Lecturer in English Education

    4. Ms. Romini M.

      (M.A., M.Ed.) - Lecturer in Malayalam Education

    5. Ms. Nisha Rosbin K.A.

      (M.A., M.Ed., SET) - Lecturer in Hindi Education

    6. Ms. Dhanya Ram

      (M.Sc., M.Ed., SET) - Lecturer in Physical Science

    7. Ms. Roseline Livingstone

      (M.Sc., M.Ed.) - Lecturer in Natural Science

    8. Ms. Rani George

      (M.Com. M.Ed., SET, IELTS) - Lecturer in Commerce Education

    9. Ms. Vibi N. V.

      (M.A., M.Ed., SET) - Lecturer in Social Science Education

    10. Ms. Rejitha C.R.

      (M.Sc., M.Ed.) - Lecturer in Mathematics Education

    11. Mr. Sanoj Kumar T.S.

      (M.P.E.) - Lecturer in Physical Education

    12. M.Ed Teaching Staff:

    13. Dr. Exemmal.J .

      M.Sc (Botany), M.Ed,Ph.D (Education),DMR - Professor

    14. Dr. Madhubala Jayachandran

      M.Sc (Botany), M.Ed,Ph.D (Education) - Reader

    15. Nidhu Neena Vargese

      M.A (English),M.Ed - Lecturer

    16. Prasitha Prasad

      M.Com (Commerce),M.Ed - Lecturer

    17. Joby Thomas

      M.A(Politics & International Relations), M.Ed - Lecturer

  • Non-Teaching Staff:
    1. Mr. Lijo Francis C

      (MSW, I.E.L.T.S.) - Office Manager

    2. Mr. E. T. Kurian

      ( 10 Class) - Attender
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