Kalamandalam Academy

Nurturing talent latent in every child

A pet project of the Founder Director Shri George Kulangara, the Kalamandalam Academy is really an idea that is all encompassing. It stems from the original idea that each child is endowed with hidden talents.

Labour India Gurukulam Public School follows a unique system wherein each child is made to feel a winner. For eg. in the Annual Day celebrations, every single child of the school is given a chance to perform a role. This helps to boost their confidence and self worth. The teachers go the extra mile to give the child this confidence to perform.

Another interesting feature is giving away at least one award to a child. True, not all children excel in studies. But each excels in one field or another. Some are good at cultural activities, some in sports and some in art. Others are good at community activities of being responsible to Nature and society.

Often, it has been noted that erratic behaviour, mood swings and general behaviour pattern shows discerning improvement once they win and are able to perform.

Every child is a gift and each has a gift that has to be given its due importance. The same yardstick is not used to measure all of them.Being able to win thus becomes a reality for all. It boosts their confidence and reflects in their performance in other spheres of life as an individual as well as a student.